<span>Cara Delevingne attends the World Premiere of 'Pan' at Odeon Leicester Square on September 20, 2015 in London, England.</span>

Cara Delevingne: a chic braided ponytail at the 'Pan' world premiere

by Samantha Hunt -

September 20 saw the hotly anticipated world premiere of Pan hit London, England, bringing the one and only British model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne to the red carpet!

She may be new to the fabulous world of film, but Cara is already making a name for herself as a serious up-and-coming talent! Having wowed audiences in her debut leading role as Margo in Paper Towns, the versatile 23-year-old star is now appearing in this exciting re-work of the classic Peter Pan story as an enchanting mermaid, alongside the likes of Rooney Mara, Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman- not a bad start, Cara!

We loved her black feathered minidress from the premiere, with its mesh detailing and shimmering hints of silver glitter, but most of all, our eyes were on her tousled high ponytail with cute mini french braids! Get your combs and bobby pins at the ready....

Get the look

Step 1

This style is definitely best used on second day hair, giving your locks some natural grit to keep the look in place. If you are working on freshly-washed hair, massage a fixitive mousse into your roots before you blow dry to mimic that natural holding power.

Step 2

Use a comb to separate your hair firstly into two layers - top and bottom - as if you were about to create a half-updo. Clip the bottom half out of the way for the moment and separate the top section into five parts: one on each side of your head and four across the top.

Step 3

Start with one of the sections and begin styling it into a mini french braid, working your way back and up to the crown of your head. Secure the end with a bobby pin and repeat this step until you have five cute mini french braids: that's the hard part done!

Step 4

Finally, perfect that ponytail! Bring the bottom section of hair up to meet the braids in a high ponytail and fix it in place with a hair tie. Finish the look by taking a strand of hair from the tail and wrap it around the tie to conceal it, tucking the end of the strand underneath. Tease your ponytail with your fingers to give it some gorgeous texture and complete the look with a spritz of fixitive hairspray!

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