<span>Cara Delevingne attends Day 2 of the Variety Studio during the Toronto International Film Festival, September 6, 2014 </span>

Cara Delevingne at TIFF: copy her wavy hairstyle

On September 6, L'Oréal Paris teamed up with stylist Wendy Rorong to create this easygoing hairstyle for none other than British model, Cara Delevingne! If you're wondering what a model is doing at TIFF, Miss Delevingne actually has her eyes set on transitioning from top model to top actress! Cara recently landed her first acting gig as one of the lead characters in director Michael Winterbottom's drama The Face of an Angel.

Before a busy day of publicity, the model had her hair styled into these loose curls courtesy of Wendy and L'Oréal Paris. Both sophisticated and sexy, this relaxed look is a perfect one for everyday: styled just enough that it looks put-together without going overboard. Want to copy Cara's look? Here's how...

Get the Look

Step one: Starting with damp hair, spritz a curl styling spray with heat protection throughout your hair. This will protect your hair from styling tools, while helping the strands maintain shape.

Step two: Next, use a blow dryer with concentrator attachment and a large barrel brush to dry your hair into big curls. If your hair doesn't hold a curl well, you may need to use a large curling iron after drying the hair.

Step three: Once all of the hair is dry and cool, use a soft bristle brush and gently brush through the curls to loosen them. Then, use the end of a tail comb to create a deep side part.

Step four: Spray your hair all over with hairspray to secure the look!

Wondering if you'll see Cara on the silver screen again? Yes! She's set to appear in four films this coming year: London Fields, Kids in Love, Tulip Fever, and Pan!

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