Bold eyebrows: Do you prefer Cara's or Lily's? You decide!

Cara Delevingne VS Lily Collins: bold eyebrows battle

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

Cara Delevingne's eyebrows have become iconic, whether you like them or not. She started a new trend, seen on runways and in the streets: big, bold brows that could stop traffic if they tried. As a matter of fact, the British model is not the only one to show off thick eyebrows... Actress Lily Collins is also a pioneer of this particular beauty look.

Lily Collins - actress, model and journalist - has bold eyebrows that she has - just like Cara - has succeeded in making her trademark.

Rebellious and gorgeous, these two celebrities are now beauty inspiration sources. Both of them have proved that your most striking, unusual feature can be your best!

The old beauty norm stating that eyebrows were to be perfectly drawn and puckled has given way to the bold and bushy eyebrows of Cara and Lily. Now, we are sure of one thing: bold eyebrows are feminine, fashionable and more than a little bit sexy.

Cara chooses to structure hers quite heavily, defining them with a pencil and/or brow powder, while Lily opts for a slightly more wild and bushy look.

The big question is: do you prefer Cara Delevingne's eyebrows or Lily Collins'?

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