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Caring for blonde hair with Kate Gosselin

How do you care for sunkissed hair like Kate Gosselin?

The name Kate seems to be synonymous with perfect, swishy hair...

Kate Gosselin is the perfect example of a celebrity who knows how to look after her locks. Blonde hair can be especially difficult to care for, as the color makes hair weak and often brittle. But if you stick to a good haircare regime, you too can have hair as healthy as Kate.

Washing blonde hair

When you're washing your hair, make sure to use products that will not weigh down your tresses. Blonde hair is often thinner than brunette hair, and can quickly go limp. This also means that blondes can suffer in particular from split ends. To avoid this, use the lowest temperature on your hairdryer, and keep straightening to a minimum. Be sure to use heat-protection products before drying.

Avoid fade-out

To keep your golden color, use a tone-restoring or refining product. If you live in a hard water area, this might be bad news, as it can give a brassy tot to your hair. Buy a water filter to aviod this side-effect.

Dyed blonde hair takes considerable maintenance, so make sure you treat it as well as possible. This includes wearing a hat or scarf in the sun. If you do frazzle your locks in the sunshine, treat them to an after-sun hair mask to restore moisture.

Your hair deserves the best care!

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