<span>Carly Rae Jepsen rocks her red hair during <span>UniteLIVE concert</span></span>

Carly Rae rocks her red hair at concert

Carly Rae Jepsen really seems to be loving her red locks, and us too! So when we saw her at the To Rock Out Bullying concert in Las Vegas, we decided to research the ultimate in red-hair-care, just in case we ever decide to see red...

Rocking in red

As we can see from this photo, Carly's has been taking good care of her hair. As with any hair that's undergone a color treatment, there are certain steps you should be taking in order to stay radiant. Red hair requires particular care...

Red Rules

No swimming!

For up to two weeks after coloring, you should stay away from the pool. The chlorine can react with the pigment...and you do not want any nasty surprises!

You should also try not to wash your hair too often, as red hair fades more quickly than other colors. Likewise with heat, try not to blast your hair with the hairdryer or attack it with hair-straighteners.

Products with extracts of henna, a natural dye, bring out the coppery highlights of red hair.

Make sure to use color-protective shampoo and conditioner, and give your hair a nourishing treatment once a week, especially if you've spent time in the sun, which really dries out red hair in particular.

One last piece of advice: be careful about the effect that your gorgeous red hair will have on the general public...!

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