Carly Rae Jepsen in her Fall shades

Carly (Sun Ray) Jepsen!

Umm...Carly? Carly Rae Jepsen? Did you check the calendar recently? It's October, not July, what are you wearing shades?

Wait, hang on. They do look pretty good, actually - even if it is dark/drizzling/you're inside. And it is a quick way to add some celebrity mystery to your walk, or hide tired eyes .

You've convinced us. Just because the sun isn't out, doesn't mean we have to put away our sunnies. Some celebrities even wear them in nightclubs!

Something Shady

Last month Carly was seen rocking two different pairs of sunglasses, and we want to know which ones you prefer!

Look No.1

Arriving at LAX airport, Carly gives a wave to the paparazzi in a pair of oversized shades with upswept corners. She's just been traveling, so perhaps the shades were a good idea to hide any puffiness. Plus, the rose-tinted glass brings out the colors in her bag and funky jumper.

Look No.2

Another airport, another friendly wave, and another pair of sunnies. This time, Carly wore some rounded frames with a silver rim, reminiscent of John Lennon. They look super cool with her fringe, waistcoat and favorite bag....Judging by Carl's rock n'roll strut, she knows it!

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