Mila Kunis at the MTV Awards 2014

Caught red-handed: Mila Kunis' fiery nails at MTV awards

Now, Mila, there's no need to look so shy: We spotted those fire engine red nails, and think they're great! So great, in fact, that you've inspired us look a little closer...

Red nails, winning look

Seeing as though we have no official confirmation about another big piece of news concerning Mila, we'll have to go for the next best thing: those fiery nails at the MTV Awards!

So just why is it exactly that Mila's nails are such a success? Here are the main factors that you need to take into account when choosing your nail polish...

Think makeup

Mila has gone for a daring choice of green eye makeup for her red nails (or red nails with her green eye makeup). However, she's played down her lip color, which is a sensible choice and doesn't overcomplicate her beauty look. Don't forget how often your hands go up to your face, so it's important to bear in mind what colors you're wearing on both!

Think hair

Look how gorgeous Mila's nails look against the rich chocolate shade of her hair. While dark brown might imply an autumnal palette, the brightness and orange undertones of the red polish keep Mila from looking last-season.

Think accessories

If you're wearing a dazzling piece of bling on your fingers, best make sure your nails are ready for the pop of camera bulbs! Mila's new engagement ring looks even better with those perfectly manicured red nails.

Think event

Don't forget where you're going! Red nails are a classic for red carpet events, as they're both sexy and chic. Because there are so many different tones and finishing effects (top coats, matte, gloss), you usually don't have to worry about having the same fingernails as anyone else! Keep your destination in mind when choosing your nail polish.

Anything else to share, Mila?

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