Milla Jovovich and Karlie Kloss look very similar from a certain angle!

Celebrity lookalikes: Milla Jovovich and Karlie Kloss

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

Milla Jovovich is 37 years old and she is an internationally renowned actress and supermodel. Although the thought might not have occured to you before, she actually looks like one of the most famous models from the next generation of catwalk stars, 20-year-old Karlie Kloss.

Celebrity lookalikes are totally subjective. That said, even if you don't think that Milla and Karlie look alike, you can't deny that there is something about these two that is very similar!

Milla was born in Ukraine before her family decided to move to California. She started modeling at at 9, and signed her first professional contract in 1988. The same year she played in her first movie Two Moon Junction, and many other productions fallowed. She has also been one of L'Oréal Paris ambassadors since 1997!

On her side, Karlie was born in Chicago and was discovered at age 13. She joined Elite Model Management in 2007, when she was only 15. She became part of Victoria's Secret's angel team and is among the Top 30 of the Decade, as listed by Vogue Paris.

If there is such an age gap, there certainly isn't what you might call a beauty gap.

They are currently wearing the same hairstyle: a short bob with a fringe. When both of them have a smokey eye makeup, as you can see above, their blue eyes are transformed into the main focus of their respective looks.

If you can choose between them, vote for your favourite glam look above!

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