Sami Gayle and Karen Gillen: who dressed best?

Celebrity lookalikes: Sami Gayle vs Karen Gillan sport perfect pixies!

A perfect pixie haircut and enviable quirky style? That description would suit both Sami Gayle and Karen Gillan. You know that means: we've got ourselves a case of celebrity lookalikes! But which look is better? Let us know by casting your vote!

Crop top

No, not that kind of crop top! We're talking a short, Mia Farrow-inspired pixie cut. Sami has been sporting hers for about six years now (since she was 12), while Karen's short cut is the result of growing her hair out after shaving it in June 2013.

Both styles are variations of the classic pixie hairstyle. Karen's is a bit choppier, with more volume at the top of her head and longer pieces around the ears. She sweeps the front section to the right. Sami, however, sweeps hers to the left, with the hair shorter along the sides and left a bit longer at the top.

Sublime Style

Sami and Karen's similarities don't stop at their short hairstyles, they also appear to have a similar sense of style. Both actresses hit the red carpet for various events in some vintage-inspired looks.

Karen's look included a long-sleeve velvet mini shift-dress with white cuff and collar details. "XOXO" and "Golly Gosh" were embroidered on the collar, while blue crystal buttons ran up the front of the frock, offering a whimsical touch. The actress opted for chic nude heels to complete her outfit.

Sami Gayle wore a mini shift-dress to the premiere of the film Vampire Academy. Sami's dress, too, featured a collar detail and blue embellishment in the form of beads along the neckline. The powder blue color was youthful and fun but our favorite part of her look had to be those bright white heels with musical notes. So quirky, so cute!

So, which look do you prefer?

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