Demi Lovato's mis-matching party nails

Celebrity nail art inspiration: Demi Lovato

When we saw Demi Lovato signing copies of her new book in Los Angeles on Saturday, we a) remembered how much we love her blue hair and b) immediately zoomed in on the nail art on her fingertips!

Demi was clearly in party-season spirit for the signing of her new book "Staying Strong: 365 Days A Year." Her nails were a glittery explosion of black and gold. Here's how you could create a similar look to Demi:

Black and Grey base

Starting this nail art look is very simple: you need to take a graphite grey and a black polish. Choose which nails you want in what color, and carefully apply one coat. Demi has chosen two grey nails on her left hand, and only one on her right. It's a good point, why be symmetrical? Have fun and mix up conventions a bit! The particularly interesting aspect of Demi's nails is that the two base colors are only slightly different, but just enough to make you want to look closer.

Top toppings

Then use either a transparent or a glittery top coat to add a further dimension to your nails. Demi, for example, has chosen one fingernail on each hand to cover in one/two coats of sparkly top coat. Her other nails are simply given a transparent shine.

Golden nuggets

See those little golden squares on some of Demi's nails? Either you can use purpose-made nail jewels or, for a similar look, just carefully add a round dot of gold at the base of your nails. This is quite a delicate process, so you might want to ask a friend to do your non-dominant hand for you! Be prepared to wait for it to dry completely.

Thanks Demi, for providing our celebrity nail art inspiration of the day!

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