Kylie Jenner worked some pretty powder blue nails to Justin Bieber's premiere

Celebrity nail art inspiration: Kylie Jenner's powder blue nails

Normally, especially during the holiday period, the red carpet is awash with red nail polish and glittery top coats . So imagine how refreshing it was to see Kylie Jenner's pretty powder blue matte manicure with square tips: Christmas doesn't have to be cliché!

We've put together a tutorial for you to copy her look, so you too can have a merry Christmas without conforming to tradition...

Get in shape

To copy Kylie's square-tipped nails, you'll need long nails. File like you normally would, but instead of creating a rounded tip, file in a horizontal direction. If the edges become too sharp, file them off lightly so as not to lose the square shape.

Use protection

Once you've got the desired shape, you'll need to protect your nails with a base coat . Why? You might ask. Well, a base coat protects your nails from coloration. It's not as big of a risk with light colors, but when you're using dark shades of polish, it's obligatory unless you want to end up with bruised-looking fingernails for days afterwards.

Matte or glossy?

Have you decided whether you want a matte effect like Kylie Jenner or a glossy finish? Don't worry, this decision can be made at the end. First, take your powder blue polish (Kylie's has undertones of purple to it which is why it doesn't look cold) and apply two thin coats. Make sure to wait for the first to dry before applying the second.

Once you have an even layer of color on your nails, it's time to add either a matte top coat or a regular glossy one. It's just a question of preference, but Kylie's nails do look pretty good with a matte effect. Wait to dry , and you're ready to rock the sleigh!

What other ways are there to reinvent the traditional Christmas beauty look?

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