Leah Remini wore nude nails with stiletto tips to the UNICEF party

Celebrity nail art: Leah Remini

2013 may not have been the easiest for Leah Remini, but she's taking on 2014 with a smile, and some seriously cool nails! When we first caught a glimpse of the actress' fingertips at the UNICEF Ball, we immediately though that she'd filed her nails into short stiletto shapes. Intrigued, we looked closer and saw that she was actually working a nude nail with black tips. Would you like to recreate her look? Here's how!

Step 1.

After using a base coat, wait for it to dry then apply two coats of nude polish. Alternatively you could choose a shade of off-white, which would look just as good. Wait for them to dry completely before the next step.

Step 2.

You have two options here:

option 1. - For those of you with steady hands. You'll need a black polish and a thin brush. Don't worry if your polish doesn't have thin enough brush, an eyeliner brush can work just as well. Starting at the edge of the fingertip, draw a line of black towards the tip of the nail, then repeat on the other side.

option 2. - If you don't think you'll be able to draw perfectly straight, uniform lines on all of your nails (don't worry, neither do we!) then you can always use manicure tape, cut into the right shape and then place over the nail, leaving a V shape exposed at the tip. Use your black polish to paint this exposed area

Step 3.

If you've used tape, wait until the nails are completely dry before removing it. For both options, use a transparent top coat, which will protect your nail art from chipping. To take this look even further, you could always do an accent nail in opposite colors (nude tip, black base).

Have fun!

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