Fair skin: Amanda Seyfried and Christina Hendricks

Choosing the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone

In the past, we've expressed our undying love for red lipstick and told you how to apply it. The question that remains for most, however, is: which shade of red lipstick will look best?

If you aren't used to wearing red lipstick, the idea can be quite intimidating. It's a bold look that oozes glamour and is certain to put a little pep in your step! It's also a classic that has been reworked and improved many times over so there's truly a red for everyone! Dare we say our choices for red lipsticks have never been better?

The tone test

Choosing the right red lipstick relies on your overall skintone and your skins undertones. The first part is easy, decide whether you're fair skinned, bronzed, or dark skinned. Then comes the tricky part- figuring our your skin's undertones. The easiest way to do this is to take a look at the underside of your wrist, where you can see your veins. What color are they? If they're slightly green, you have warm undertones. If they're blue, you have cool undetones.

The options

Fair: If you have fair skin, a classic red or an orange-based red will suit you best. If you have blonde hair like Amanda Seyfriend, a classic red with the tiniest hint of blue will look gorgeous against your skintone and counteract any redness in the face. If you're a redhead like Christina Hendricks, a rosy red will look best with your slightly pink skin.

Medium: For medium skintones, blue based reds or berry shades look best with your skin tone. Freida Pinto and Demi Lovato are both sporting blue based reds that really compliment the skin's natural tones.

Dark: This skin tone looks best with cool based reds or reds with some brown in them. Beyonce's red lipstick has a very slight berry tint, while Kerry Washington 's has a brownish tint.

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