Christine Teigen wore this pretty braided hairstyle for Variety's 2014 Power Of Women Event In LA Presented By Lifetime in Los Angeles on October 10, 2014.

Chrissy Teigen's braided updo: easy tutorial

by Hannah Ikin -

When Chrissy Teigen attended the Variety Power of Women Awards on October 13, 2014, she looked stunning in a deep berry-toned leather dress. It was her beautiful braided updo, however, that really made the look for us. We loved it so much that we decided to create an easy tutorial so that you can get the look.

Beautiful braids

Braided hairstyles are trending like never before and this is one of the prettiest takes on the look that we've seen so far. Chrissy styled her hair into two French braids at the sides of her head, which fed seamlessy into her braided bun, creating a romantic hairstyle and bringing a touch of softness to her whole look.

To steal the look for yourself, simply follow the easy tutorial below.

Step one

After washing your hair, work a straightening cream throughout your locks.

Step two

Starting with clean dry hair, use a tail comb to brush out any tangles.

Step three

Blowdry the hair, brushing it straight as you go.

Step four

Once the hair is dry, use the comb to create a side parting. Then, on the side with the least hair, create a Franch braid, starting from the temple, and working downwards. Continue the braid until the ends of your hair, then fasten in place with a hair elastic.

Step five

On the opposite side, section off the front section of hair, then start another French braid with the hair on the side of your head, taking the braid horizontally accross the head. Once you have reached the other side, continue braiding all the way down until the ends of your hair, then fasten in place with a hair elastic.

Step six

Take the remaining loose hair and braid it. Then, gather all of the loose braids up together and twist them into a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins. Take the front section of hair that you sectioned off earlier and create side-swept bangs.

Step seven

Mist some hairspray over the style to keep it in place and smooth down any flyaways with the palms of your hands.

Your pretty braided 'do is complete!

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