<span>Nina Dobrev arriving at the Chanel Haute-Couture Fall-Winter 2014-2015 fashion show held at the Grand Palais, in Paris, France, on July 8.</span>

Copy Nina Dobrev's chic bun from the Chanel front row

Nina Dobrev, star of The Vampire Diaries, has been hot street-style property throughout Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Spotted sporting a cute high bun, Nina proved her worth as a front row fixture. A luxe style synonymous with glamor and favored by fashion's elite, you can master this high bun style in minutes by following our step by step guide.

Hairstyle tutorial

Step 1. Brush through your hair thoroughly to ensure it is smooth from root to tip. This style works best on second-day washed hair, as the natural oil produced by the hair will allow the style to hold for longer. If your hair is freshly washed, work a volumising mousse or leave-in serum to your lengths and dry the product in well.

Step 2. Use a fine-tooth comb to brush your hair back off your face and secure into a high ponytail. The most flattering height for a high bun or updo is just atop the crown of your head. If you have any bumps or kinks simply comb them toward the ponytail- the bun you create will hide any imperfections.

Step 3. Tip your head upside down and slightly backcomb the ponytail. This will add texture and volume to your updo.

Step 4. If you have thick hair, or are happy with the amount of volume you've created, simply twist and pin your ponytail into a chunky bun. If you have thin hair and want to create a larger bun, either use a hair donut to fake your way to a high volume style. Simply pull your ponytail through the donut, ensuring your hair covers it completely, tuck any stray hairs underneath the donut, and pin to secure.

Step 5. Finish with a generous spritz of a strong hold hairspray. For a messier, edgier style, use your comb to slightly backcomb the hair around your face. Allow a few strands to fall loose to soften the style.

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