Dakota Fanning went with nude make-up.

Dakota Fanning, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson... 10 best Venice Film Festival make-up looks

by Patricia Pereira de Matos -

The 2013 Venice Film Festival was all about glamour and it was the occasion for lots of celebrities to up their style factor. We saw a veritable catwalk show of dresses and a panorama of pretty make-up looks as the festival unfolded.

Speaking of which, we decided to look back at some of our favourite trends.

The nude look: Simple as it may sound, the nude look is a classic look and lots of celebrities decided to give it a spin on the red carpet.

One was young actress, Dakota Fanning, who used minimal make-up to highlight her pale tone.

The retro look: This glamourous style will never go out of fashion. Proof? Sarah Gadon's choice of make-up on the Venice red carpet. There's a reason that red lipstick is classic.

Smokey eyes: The smokey eye is another red carpet classic. We like the way that Sandra Bullock brought out her Alex Perry dress with her makeup. Her brown eyeshadow, paired with her "over blush" gave her a very summery look.

Each and any of these four would be a great look to try! So find time to try them all! They aren't JUST for the red carpet.

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