This subtle smoky eye will take you from day to night!

Daytime smoky eye: easy makeup tutorial

by Hannah Ikin -

The smoky eye is a classic makeup look which works a treat when you want to make a statement with your sultry gaze. One of its main drawbacks, though, is the fact that it's very much an "evening" look, which can end up looking a bit OTT before nightfall.

Daytime smoky

Finding a smoky eye subtle enough to wear during the day can be easier said than done, but we think that we might have cracked it! Featuring a carefully calculated amount of charcoal eyeshadow and just enough smudgy eyeliner, this look rises to the challenge! It's understated enough to be suitable for work but will also take you to the dance floor afterwards, with no reapplication necessary! If, like us, you feel like there are some days where you don't even have time for retouching your makeup, then this versatile, time-saving look is a must-try! Get the look with the easy tutorial below!

Get the look

Step one

Start by covering up any blemishes with a concealer, then apply a BB cream to even out your complexion.

Step two

Take a dark, slate grey eyeshadow and apply along your upper lashline.

Step three

Next, take a dove grey eyeshadow, a couple of shades lighter, and apply it just above the dark grey, blending the two shades together for a seamless effect. Be sure not to take the shadow too high up - the beauty mantra "less is more" has never been so relevant!

Step four

Take a soft kohl eyeliner pencil in black, and use it to outline your lower lashline. Use a makeup up applicator brush to smudge it for that trademark sultry look!

Step five

Apply a single coat of volumizing mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Step six

Now you've nailed the smoky eye look, finish with a dusting of bronzer over the apples of your cheeks and some nude lip gloss to keep things natural.

So there you have it, a smoky eye makeup look that will take you from day to night. Use it wisely!

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