Naomi Watts arriving for the Diana premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square, London, UK, Thursday September 5, 2013.

"Diana" film has its red carpet premiere in London

Princess Diana was one of Britain's most loved royals but the events surrounding her death and her relationship with Prince Charles have always proved a controversial area. Maybe that's why the new biopic about the Queen of Hearts is causing such a stir. The film, Diana, premiered in London last night and the cast, which includes Juliet Stevenson, Naveen Andrews and Naomi Watts, as Diana, were all rocking their best threads.


The film depicts the last two years of Diana's life and the turbulence that surrounded it. Its release is even more poignant at this time because of the recent claims by a former sniper's ex-wife that the princess was murdered by the SAS.

Diana died in a car crash along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and the chauffeur Henri Paul, when their car crashed into a pillar within the Pont de L'Alma underpass in Paris in August 1997. The events surrounding the final moments of her life are unknown but with allegations that the princess was pregnant and planned to marry Dodi it's always been a controversial subject.


Naomi twice rejected the role before finally agreeing to take it on. In the build up to the premiere she revealed why she eventually accepted the role: "I guess the challenge of taking on that kind of transformation and it's annoying when fear gets in the way of things.

"I was afraid to play the most famous woman of our time because of all the comparisons of people thinking: 'Oh, well she belongs to us.' How do you take possession of a character like that and also the sensitivity of it, the concerns of how the rest of her family feel about it?" The royal family have declined to comment on the film

The film was highly anticipated but has received a cool response from critics. It will hit cinemas on October 20.

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