Dianna Agron attends the Extremely Piaget Launch Event on October 9, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California

Dianna Agron: 3 styles for mid-length hair

Mid-length hairstyles are hugely popular at the moment and there's no shortage of inspiration among the Hollywood set: Elle Fanning, Rose Byrne, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Schilling, and Felicity Jones count as only a few of the stars who've recently made the cut. And while they all make a good case for trying out mid-length hair, no one seems to do it quite like Dianna Agron!

Why try mid-length hair

Offering the best of both worlds, mid-length hair is short enough that it's easy to maintain but long enough that it preserves its versatility. In other words, there's no reason not to try it!

Dianna's looks

Whether you're looking for fresh new ways to style your own midi locks or still need a little convincing to try the style, let Dianna be your ultimate inspiration! Let's take a closer look at some of her recent red carpet looks...

Hollywood Waves

We're used to seeing Hollywood Waves styled with long hair, but at a Piaget event on October 9, Dianna proved it works equally well on shorter hair. To copy the look, blow dry your hair so that it's ultra-smooth. Then, use a curling iron and create uniform curls all around your head. When they're cool, use a soft bristle brush and brush through them before setting with hairspray.

Sideswept Curls

Here, Dianna adds a little pep to her step with some fun and flirty sideswept curls. Want to get your own? Apply curl-boosting spray to damp hair and then use a small barrel brush as you blow dry your hair to create curls. When your hair is dry, use your fingers to break up the ringlets and then part your hair to the side.

High-Volume Chic

At a Costume Institute Gala in May, Dianna hit the red carpet with this formal high-volume style. Lift at the root and subtle body through the lengths create this truly stellar look. To get the same, blow dry your hair using a paddle brush, pushing toward the root at the top to create extra volume. Then dry the lengths of the hair straight until you reach the ends, curling them out. Distribute smoothing serum throughout your hair, create a sidesweep, and you're all set!

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