Avril Lavigne <span>performs live on 'Good Morning America,' 2013</span>

Don't be afraid of prints: inspiration from Avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne is known for her quirky "I don't care what you think" style. She's an inspiration for those of us who are timid when it comes to prints. And her look for her live performance on "Good Morning America" on November 5 was a perfect example of Avril's brave approach to fashion.

Punk Princess

Avril has always kept her sk8r Boi attitude, managing to combine feminine silhouettes with punk rock attitude. This plaid frock is representative of her overall style. The shape is classic, and a favorite of Avril: a strapless (or almost: we spotted those over-the-shoulder straps) kneelength dress.

But Avril could never be classed as a boring dresser, so even with the most classic dress shape she manages to rock up her look. Here, she's gone for a plaid print, but not only: her dress is also bursting with cool black stars, hearts, swirls ... not forgetting some swans and dolphins! Why not?

Print can be intimidating for those of us who prefer to stick to block colors where we feel safer. But if we've learnt anything from fashion over the last year, it's that one print can easily be combined with another, and not look like you've just dived into the bargain bin at a thrift shop (although that's pretty "in" right now thanks to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis )

Of course, when you're playing with crazy prints, your makeup and accessories are super important. Avril has stuck with her signature eye makeup , but made sure to keep the feminine "princess" part of her look with a sparkly necklace...and of course that cute curtsey!

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