Don't feel frazzled! The importance of heat protection for hair

Do you use curling or flat irons regularly? If so, we hope you're using heat-protecting products beforehand. In this video, l'Oréal Paris hair expert Eric Del Monaco explains the importance of protecting your hair from damage. And here's what we have to say...!

Why does hair get damaged?

The science behind heat damage is simple. Just like you wouldn't pick up a boiling pot without oven mitts, you shouldn't apply heat directly to your hair strands without a protective coat. Too much heat causes the follicles to weaken, becoming brittle with a tendance to snap. They also hold in less moisture, which leaves hair susceptible to color loss.

Do I have to use heat protection?

Do you ever straighten your hair with a flat iron? If so, you should definitely protect your hair. Not doing so risks not only split ends, but annoying flyaways. By protecting your hair, you are more likely to get that super sleek look you're after.

Do you love creating curls or waves with a curling iron? The same thing goes for curly girls - if you don't protect your hair from all that heat, it will eventually dry out, and the curls will lose their gloss and go frizzy. Which, unless you're after a look like the model above, is not what you want.

Even if you only use a blowdryer, you're still applying heat to your hair...and so you should really be doing something to protect it.

It's such a simple step to add to your styling routine that there's really no excuse: After washing your hair, use a heat-protecting spray, lightly spritzing from root to tip. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute evenly through the hair, and you're good to go!

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