<span>You can tell that Doutzen Kroes is a hair model from the photos at the Tiffany &amp; Co. Blue Book Ball at Rockefeller Center in New York City on 18 April 2013.</span>

Doutzen Kroes: we reveal the secrets to her shiny blonde hair

You can tell that Doutzen Kroes is a hair model for L'Oréal Paris from the photos of the blonde beauty at the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Ball at Rockefeller Center earlier this year.

That gloss is pretty surreal, right? Like, don't get blinded anytime soon. We know that she has a whole team of professionals behind her every curl, but it is still rather amazing that even with all that heavy-duty styling required for a career of photo shoots, the red carpet and the runway, her hair has escaped seemingly unscathed.

We're thinking that there are some masks at work there!

To get a similar look to Doutzen's, establish a good haircare regime of your own.

Here are a few tips to get started:

-- Try to use products of the same line. They are often made to complement each other.

-- Why not celebrate the summer by going a few shades lighter? You don't have to do an all-blonde Doutzen... but you could at least try an ombre dye or something else fun.

-- Whenever you have some much-need me time, why not help your hair with a nourishing mask?

-- Another way to boost your locks is to invest in some hair oil. That stuff is relatively magic. You can make a mask out of it and wash it out when you are done. You can also apply a little to your ends on any old day to add some shine and nourishment.

-- Take the time to do some heat-free styling every once and awhile to give your hair a much-needed break. We've got a no-heat guide to curls right here!

The last thing we really like about Doutzen's look is her makeup. I know, it doesn't have to do with her hair, but it is still pretty. Plus, she chose to underline her eyes in sparkling gold... which reflected her hair colour. She dusted her eyelids with blue, reflecting her own blue eyes. Dazzling, Doutzen, dazzling! Plus, that's another look that you can try at home.

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