Doutzen Kroes and her family!

Doutzen Kroes welcomes baby #2! Beauty tips for moms-to-be

On July 30, L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador and Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes published an intimate family photo including the clan's newest addition: a healthy baby girl! Doutzen and husband Sunnery James' 3-year old son Phyllon is now joined by little sister Myllena Mae.

If you're expecting your own bundle of joy, there's no doubt you'll need to adapt your beauty routine a bit to suit your life's changes. With that in mind, we've got a few tips to keep you going and glowing until baby's arrival...


Because your body will be going through many physical changes, you need to make sure to keep your skin supple and soft so that it'll bounce back into shape once baby makes his/her appearance! Focus on moisturizing your stomach and legs every day. You should also prepare your face for the upcoming sleepless nights, so treat it to a mask every week as well as a regular night cream.


Whether you have a naturally tanned complexion like Zoe or not, you need to be doubly careful when it comes to staying out in the sun. Some women find they are more sensitive to the suns rays during pregnancy - and you definitely want to avoid any sun spots. If in doubt, go for SPF 50, and stay out of the sun during peak hours (12-2).


Baby is going to be needing your body's nutrients, so you may find that your hair gets weaker when you're pregnant (the same goes for your nails). Give your locks a helping hand and restore its shine with a hair oil.


Make the most of that natural glow that pregnant women have about them, and draw the attention to your face with a pop of color on your lips. Fuschia and orange are very on-trend this season.

Congratulations to the Kroes-James family!

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