Drake hosts the 2014 ESPYs

Drake hosts the ESPYs, but which wacky outfit worked better?

Who would have thought that Drake would be asked to host the ESPYs?! But on Wednesday July 16, our favorite Canadian rapper did just that, proving he's not just a pretty face and talented musician...

What are the ESPYs?

The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award are hosted by the television network ESPN, and are aim to recognize athletic achievements, both individual and team, as well as other sports-related performances. Although Drake is not a sportsman, he has many friends in the sporting industry, and his opening joke showed his self-awareness:

"There are so many people here I respect. So many people I admire, that I would trade my life with," he said. "I love all of you, ... until you start losing. Then you're dead to me."

Drake dresses up

We already know that Drake is a guy who likes to look good, but isn't afraid to put on a costume for a few laughs. Which possibly explains the variety of the unexpected, unDrizzy styles we saw him wearing onstage! These are just two of the outfits that we were treated to during his performances as host.

Sailor savvy vs Geek chic

What we love

Rolled or cuffed pants with boat shoes. Pitbull, please take note.

Square glasses - it's cool to be square.

Bow tie - it is a red carpet event, after all.

Where we're not sure

An actual string vest.

Yellow safety jacket.

Cat scratch rips in pants.


It seems that critics, while praising Drake for his character acting, aren't sure that he has a career in comedy. But when it comes to his outfits, we're not convinced... they certainly put a smile on our faces!

Vote for your favorite look!

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