Dry shampoo: your best ally against greasy hair!

Dry shampoo: your best ally against greasy hair!

Oily hair can be difficult to manage. Often, we double up on washes to cleanse the scalp and remove excess grease, which our skin only reacts to by producing more oil. Avoiding washes, however, means we're forced to walk around with greasy hair... not exactly glamorous! This is exactly why dry shampoo was created: to absorb excess sebum and refresh the hair with a delicious scent, allowing you to delay your next wash another day.

Oily hair: dry shampoo the the rescue!

Oily hair is the result of excess oil produced by the scalps sebaceous glands. While this natural lubricant is meant to protect and moisturize the scalp, too much of it suffocates the roots and makes the hair oily. Unfortunately, traditional shampoos tend to encourage these glands to work even harder by aggressively stripping away the oils with detergent-like ingredients. How to escape the vicious cycle? Dry shampoo to the rescue!

This aerosol product helps to refresh your roots without washing your hair by absorbing excess sebum. Because of this, it's often most effective is you generously spritz your roots before bed, giving the product plenty of time to work its magic! Run a brush through your hair in the morning and you're ready to start the day!

Often made of clay, this product is a real sebum sponge and can absorb excess oils without weighing your hair down. An alternative to "low shampoo" or "no shampoo", dry shampoo shares the same goal: wash the hair without potentially damaging it.

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