Get Bella Thorne's detailed updo with our easy tutorial

ELLE Awards: get Bella Thorne's fishtail braid updo

by Hannah Ikin -

If you're looking for an updo with a difference, then get inspired by this fishtail braid chignon, as worn by Bella Thorne at the Elle Women in Television Celebration. At first glance, it looked like a classic chignon but, upon closer inspection, we noticed the exquisite intricate braiding at the back. Although it looks tricky, this look is actually surprisingly easy to achieve-just follow our simple tutorial below.

Step one

For this style to work, it's essential that your hair is 100 per cent tangle free so start by brushing it through to banish any knots. If your hair isn't freshly washed, then feel free to work some dry shampoo through your roots to make it more flexible.

Step two

The style is enssentially made up of two fishtail braids so start by parting your hair in the center and attaching the left section with a hair elastic so that you don't get it mixed up with the right one.

Step three

Now it's time to focus on the right section of hair that you left loose. Unlike the classic braid, this one will be made up of just two sections. To achieve the fishtail effect, pull a section loose from the right side, then bring it back inwards again. Next, do the same with the left side and keep repeating these actions until you reach the bottom, then use a clear hair elastic to fasten the braid in place.

Step four

Let the left pigtail loose and repeat step three on this side.

Step five

Once both braids are complete, twist them around each other and upward into a chignon at the back of your head. Fix in place with several bobby pins, then mist with hairspray to give your look for long lasting shine and hold.

Step six

Pull a few strands of hair loose from the front and sides of your chignon to achieve Bella's romantic look.

All set!

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