Emily Deschanel at the <span>FOX All-Star 2014 winter TCA party</span>

Emily Deschanel: stylish makeup look tutorial

She might play a dispassionate and detached forensic scientist on hit crime-comedy drama Bones, but Emily Deschanel was looking radiant and warm at the FOX All-Star 2014 Winter TCA party, in part thanks to a fantastic makeup look, which we're kindly going to explain for you...

Step 1.

Emily's skin looks absolutely flawless. And, while it might be that she has a naturally perfect complexion, is could also be that she's used a primer before applying foundation. A primer acts as a base coat " for the skin, protecting it from the makeup you apply over the top, providing a smooth base, and increasing the staying power of your look.

To give a warm glow to your cheeks, make sure you choose the right blush color for your skin tone, and apply at the outer edge of the apples of your cheeks, blending out. A wide, fluffy powder brush is ideal for sweeping bronzer up from your temples and across your forehead.

Step 2.

This look is the perfect example of how to make your eyes really stand out without wearing too much makeup (if you have sensitive eyes, for example.) All you need is a sparkly navy eyeshadow, applied on the eyelid and ever-so-slightly underneath the outer edge of the lower lash line. Apply a shimmery cream shade on the inner corners to make your eyes look bigger and a coat of lash-defining mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. No eyeliner in sight!

Step 3.

What makes Emily's look truly memorable is her great choice of lip color. Not only does it coordinate perfectly with her outfit, but it contains the same cool tones as her eye color and navy eyeshadow. To get the same perfect outline, use a lip liner of exactly the same color to trace the contours of the lips. Then use a lipstick brush to "color in" the rest of the lip. Make sure to blot, or you'll end up with lipstick on your teeth!

Emily is certainly giving her sister Zooey a run for her money!

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