Emma Roberts at Comic-Con International, Day 3, Scream Queens photocall in San Diego, CA, USA, July 11.

Emma Roberts: get her side fishtail braid from Comic-Con!

by Samantha Hunt -

As one of the hottest hair trends of the summer, braids are officially taking the season by a heat wave and we love it! Celebrity after gorgeous celebrity have rocked new and exciting twists on the traditional braid, showing us how to work those milkmaid or flower-crown styles and how to incorporate these plaits into our Boho summer picnic or office chic looks.

24-year-old actress Emma Roberts is yet another of these inspirational braid-pioneers, stepping out at Comic-Con on July 11 for the Scream Queens photocall in a black and white off-the-shoulder dress with this unique and intricate alternative to a classic fishtail. Want to know how it's done? Follow our step-by-step below...

Get the look

Step 1

Start with freshly washed and blow-dried hair that has been parted to the side. Run a rich hair oil through the lengths with your fingertips to both nourish your strands and to provide a bit of gritty texture to help the braid stay in place.

Step 2

Next, you need to create the folded knots on both sides of your head. To do this, start by tying a clear elastic hair tie loosely around a small section of hair, just below the top of the ear. Part the hair above the tie in two and push the tie up and through the hole, inwards towards the scalp and back to its original position to form the fold.

Step 3

Add the tail from the first folded knot to another section of hair below and repeat the above step again: tying an elastic tie around the section and folding it up and through the hair. Continue to repeat this step on both sides of your head until these two folded knot braids meet on the nape of your neck to the side, just below one of your ears.

Step 4

Bring all of the hair together in a fishtail braid by following the steps of how to do that here! Tease the braid gently with your finger tips to give it some texture and spritz with hairspray to fix and finish the look!

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