Emmy Awards 2016: makeup trends spotted on the red carpet

Emmy Awards 2016: makeup trends spotted on the red carpet

by Paige Exell -

Last night's Emmy 2016 Awards in Los Angeles proved that the small screen has never been so big. With wildly successful television series like Game of Thrones taking home awards, and celebrities like Kerri Washington, Emilia Clarke, and Sofia Vergara hitting the red carpet, television has gained huge audiences and star power galore, with even movie stars flocking to the television screen, too.

And megawatt stars don't come without some serious sparkle – not to mention, some stunning style choices. And while we may have tuned into last night's awards for the fashion, stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Sophie Turner caught our eye with their on trend makeup and beauty choices, as well.

Emily stunned as per usual in a satin, purple/blue gown adorned with a ruffled train. To compliment her look, she opted for matte skin and turquoise liner that was shaped into a sultry cat eye. Meanwhile, Sophie Turner got on board with the subtler trend of the season: rust coloured shadow.

Inspired by these two beautiful makeup looks? Read on as Get The Look shows you how to achieve them for yourself this season!



As temperatures drop, colourful eyeliner becomes more and more prominent on runways and red carpets as celebrities attempt to hold on to what's left of summertime. The latest celebrity to rock the trend? Emily Ratajkowski, who attended last night's Emmy Awards wearing an elegant satin purple gown and slicked back hairstyle. She amped up the sophisticated look with a bold, turquoise cat eye and matte complexion.

To re-create this look, unify your complexion with a matte liquid foundation. Follow up with concealer underneath your eyes, then set the liquids with a loose, translucent powder. After leaving the powder on your skin for about 5 minutes, brush away any excess powder for the perfect matte complexion.

To begin your eyes, create a base on your lids with a blue or turquoise coloured shadow. This will intensify the liner that you apply on top. Next, arm yourself with a green, blue or turquoise liner pencil (whichever colour you prefer to enhance your eye colour) and create a wing that moves from the outer corner of your eyes, up towards the end of brow. Next, starting in the inner corner of your eye, draw a line that stretches across your upper lid to meet the wing. Then, draw a line from the top (or end) portion of the wing you created, and move it inwards across the upper portion of your eyelid, all the way over to your inner corners. Fill in the negative space with the liner.

Blend the liner from the inner corners and down underneath your lower lash lines and into your waterline. Go over the lines to make them thicker and enhance the colour. Finish off with a volumizing mascara.


After seeing the look on runways, and then on celebrities like Brie Larson at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, we're convinced that rust eyeshadow is autumn's new go-to colour. Sophie Turner is the latest celeb to rock the trend along with a highlighted complexion and cool-girl, ultra loose ponytail braid at last night's Emmy Awards.

To re-create her look, unify your base with a cushion foundation. This will provide maximum coverage without feeling too cake-y. Next, use a soft pink blush to create a rosy flush on the apples of your cheeks. Then, use a liquid illuminator to highlight the area above your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and bridge of nose.

Accentuate blue or green eyes with a rust coloured eyeshadow like Sophie. Start off by using a fluffy shadow brush to blend the colour into your upper lids. Blend upwards towards your brows, covering the entire surface area of your eye. Make sure that the colour becomes more subtle has you move upwards on the eye. After you finished on the upper lid, create a shadow by blending the colour underneath your lower lash line, as well. Finish off with a touch of mascara and a nude lipgloss.

Which fall 2016 makeup trend will you try?

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