Evangeline Lilly at Comic-Con 2014

Evangeline Lilly: how to soften blunt bangs

Everyone's talking about Evangeline Lilly at the moment, do you know why? No, it's not just because she's landed a major role in the upcoming Marvel comic adaptation 'Ant-Man' (which is a huge deal, and we congratulate her for that) but also because she wore her hair in a super cute style at Comic-Con, and it got us thinking about bangs...

Crash! Thwack! Bang!

Blunt bangs are known for being pretty severe. There's not much messing around with them you can do, which is why they're such a statement hairstyle. Evangeline has been wearing her hair in bangs for a while now and, although we weren't 100% convinced at first, we definitely are now. Why? Because she's managed to find a way to wear her bangs in a really pretty, soft style. Want to copy her look? It's really simple, but obviously you have to start with a blunt fringe to begin with!

Step one: Start by pulling your hair back into a loose ponytail and brush your bangs forward

Step two: Take a styling clay or putty, add a very small amount to your fingers , rub your fingertips together, then run your fingers through your bangs to separate them and create piecey sections.

Step three: Wash your hands then use a tail comb to loosen 2-3 small sections of hair around your temple/forehead area on each side.

Step four: Use a curling iron to very lightly curl these side sections, then break them up gently with your fingers. Close your eyes and spray with hairspray.

We're really looking forward to seeing Ant-Man when it eventually comes out - good luck, Evangeline!

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