Try this style for a variation on the cat eye look.

Exaggerated cat eye makeup: winter beauty trend

by Hannah Ikin -

The cat eye trend is one that is not only classic but also incredibly versatile. It can be worn as a subtle style which brightens up tired peepers or as a dramatic, show-stopping makeup look which makes a statement all on it's own. We've found a way of wearing it that sits somewhere between the two. The exaggerated cat eye seems to us like the perfect compromise.

A cat eye and then some..

When we think of cat eye makeup, what usuallly springs to mind is a neat line drawn with black liquid eyeliner with a cheeky flick on the outside. What's different about this look is that there's really nothing little about the flick. On the contrary, it's there to be seen! It stretches high up towards the eyebrow at an unapologetic forty five degree angle. It's a kooky style that is the perfect match for a a big woolly scarf and hat. Well, if you can't make dramatic fashion statement with your clothes because you're all wrapped up, you might as well choose some striking eye makeup !

Get the look

Step one

Using a black kohl eyeliner pencil, outline your lower lashline and smudge a little bit.

Step two

Now for the top lashes. Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a line across your upper lashline.

Step three

Now for the fun part. Draw a flick from the corner from the outer corner of your eye. Take it upwards towards the outside of the eyebrow at a fourty five degree angle.

Step four

Add some mascara to finish off your look.

You kooky cat eye look is now complete!

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