Take care of your face this winter with a good skincare routine

Facing the cold: winter skincare tips

A key thing to remember during these winter months is to take care of your skin. It might seem like the last thing you want to do when you're cold and tired, but a good skincare regimen will keep you fresh-faced and bright-eyed even if it's snowing outside.

Here are our top tips for putting a beautiful, brave face to the cold!

Before you start

You absolutely must know your skin type before starting a skincare routine. What's best for combination skin, for example, can be vastly different from what's best for people who suffer from dryness. So make sure you read the labels to find the best match for your face.

Use a serum

If your skin is feeling tired and weather-beaten, try applying a serum after washing your face every evening, and before moisturizing. Once you've decided on a serum, you'll need to keep using for a few weeks before you notice the difference. A serum is basically like healthy eating for your skin, so it's a great idea for when you've been battling the elements, or recovering from a cold for example.

Hydrate inside and out

While you might have found the perfect moisturizer for the summer, you'll need to change it once the cold hits. Don't forget ther SPF properties, especially if you live around snowy areas, as the glare can be harsh on your skin, especially the sensitive area around the eyes. You should also drink lots of water. It sounds like old news, but you'll be surprised how much better your skin will look and feel if you up your water intake.

So, to recap, in order to keep your skin in prime condition over winter, don't forget a) your skintype b) serum and c) hydration. Happy holidays!

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