Get thicker, fuller looking brows now!

How to get thicker-looking brows

Grooming and perfecting your eyebrows is one of the most important steps in any beauty routine, and also one of the most overlooked. Brows are thought of as the frame of your face and a good brow beauty routine can instantly transform your look.

While some of us suffer from thin brows after years of over-waxing and plucking, others are born with naturally thin brows- it's normal! Chances are, there's almost no one with brows that couldn't use a little TLC. On top of that, there's been a huge surge in the popularity of thick brows, which we happily blame on British model Cara Delevingne. If you're after fuller brows, we say: fake it 'til you make it.

Extra! Extra! Read all a-brow-t it!

Brow maintenance is an obvious suggestion, but it's important: find a professional who can shape your brows for you, and learn how to care for your brows at home in between salon visits. Only then can you focus on making them look bigger and better than ever before!

Use a brow pencil to draw along the outside of your brow with a light hand. You want to stay relatively close to the natural stopping point, but that extra milimeter can make a big impact. Next, use a brow powder and angled brow brush to fill in your brows between the lines you've just created. Use the brush along the outer line as well, making sure to really blend so that your brows look natural.

Top tip: Visit a beauty counter and be sure to get the right color for your brows. The most popular mistake people make is choosing the wrong product color.

Once you've done that, use a spoolie to comb the hairs so that they're uniform. If you want to go the extra mile, use brow gel to ensure the hairs stay in place. That's all it takes!

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