Fall Denim Guide: Tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans

Fall Denim Guide: Tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans

by Paige Exell -

It's difficult to imagine a world where jeans are only worn on casual occasions and saved for days when we don't mind getting a little dirty – which was the case when denim was first introduced to the world of fashion. Now, it's not unusual for women to own up to seven to ten pairs of jeans in various sizes, shapes, and washes. Believe it or not, it's become totally normal to see jeans being worn on the red carpet and on our favourite celebs during a night out.

But nowadays, with the plethora of different styles and washes of denim out there, it's become quite difficult to find the perfect pair. The search for a dream pair, or pairs, isn't all that different from finding true love, and the chances of scoring a perfect fit on the first try are slimmer than, well, skinny jeans! But most of us can agree that once we've found our match, it's forever.

So, to help you find your perfect denim match for fall (because denim is seasonless), we're giving you a few tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair of jeans.


Skinny will never go out of style

When it comes to denim, there are very few styles that go, well, out of style. And like it or not, skinny is one of them. That's right, the skinny jean is alive and sticking around for another season. The same goes for the boyfriend jean. These wardrobe workhorses cover every day of the week. Dark blue or black skinny jeans dress up and down, and slim boyfriend or destroyed look styles have become the go-to weekend or everyday casual jean. Skinny jeans are not only versatile, but super flattering if you find the right fit. Stray away from super tight, jegging-type fits when searching for the one.

Straight legs are back

The straight leg jean – or in other words, mom jean – is making a strong comeback due to its versatility. Straight leg jeans can fit into a tall boot and also works well with a heel or flat – perfect for showing all the great shoes of the season. The most flattering iterations of the straight leg jean are higher waist, light to medium wash styles that fall straight down from the hip for the longest leg line.

Low rise is back

Low rise, heavily distressed boyfriend jeans have been re-purposed for the cool-girl generation that consists of supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid. While high waist jeans have complimented various body types and tops for many seasons now, many women are making the transition into low rise jeans paired with super short crop tops and jackets layered over top. If you're willing to show some skin for a night out, we recommend you give this cool-girl look a try.

Opt for embellished denim

Let out or cropped and left raw, undone hems are having a moment, both sold that way or buyer DIY. Meanwhile, embellishments such as patches and embroidery turn a standard jean into a palette of self-expression. In this case, rather than searching for the perfect pair of embellished denim, search for the near perfect pair that can take a few unique alterations that will show off your personality.

Pay attention to pockets

Back pockets are a minor detail, but they can make a big impact. To create an illusion of assets, look for tilted or curved pockets – plain ones set straight have a flattening effect. When looking to balance out a narrower top half with a bigger behind, bigger pockets are the solution. Pockets should also begin half way down the cheek and end at the top of the thigh. Petite women, on the other hand, should look for smaller pockets that won't overpower their frame.

Tighter is better

The biggest mistake people often make when buying jeans is opting for ones that are too big. Unless you're going for the oversized, boyfriend look, choose a pair that are as tight as you can tolerate, focusing on feel rather than initial look, because with minimal wear these jeans will stretch out half a size.

There are 4 types of fits

Women of all shapes and sizes can rock any and every style, but there are a few different fits that will compliment certain body types best. A midrise boot cut will elongate the legs and compliment curves on a pear shape, for example. A straight leg look with a little give in the waist will highlight the trim stems of an apple shape. Meanwhile, all over curvy girls should consider a slim-fitting boyfriend style and opt for dark wash, or play up a narrow waist with a high-waist trouser jean. Straight up and down bodies look good in just about every type of jean, but we recommend showing some ankle by rolling up the cuffs of a slouchy boyfriend style.

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