A floral crown or a plaited chignon: the choice is too hard!

Fan BingBing: which Cannes updo is for you?

by Samantha Hunt -

With every new year of the Cannes Film Festival, Fan Bingbing has established her reign as queen of the red carpet. Whenever she arrives on the Croisette, she is met with cries of admiration from the adoring crowds of fashionistas. How does she do it? With her signature style and stunning, bold beauty choices, she is never one to shy away from a show-stopping number or a theatrical entrance.

We have already had the lucky opportunity to see Fan twice so far at the 68th Cannes Festival, and each time she has pulled out a gorgeous floral number. For both occasions, she also adapted one of her favorite hairstyles, the braided chignon, to add a dose of wow-factor to her look. We had to put these two braided updos side by side to get your vote: which Fan Bingbing hairstyle would you steal?

Day 1: The braided bun

For the red carpet of the opening ceremony held on May 13, Fan BingBing made her first appearance at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Similar to last year, she trusted once again in a Fan hair favorite: the classic, chic braided bun. This more traditional version, with her dark hair smoothed back to a low chignon just at the nape of her neck, allowed all of the focus to lie on her ornate soft-pink gown with a princess train: the perfect pick for the opening night!

Day 2: The flower crown

For the Cannes premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road on May 14, Fan Bingbing again used a braiding technique, but this time kept the look summery and tousled with pastel flower ornaments throughout. Now more fairy queen than pink princess, Fan continues to stun on the red carpet whilst really living up to her name as fashion muse of China: a true Cannes inspiration!

If only there was a Cannes prize for drama on the red carpet as well as on the silver screen! Fan Bingbing would definitely get our vote!

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