Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Fashion glossary: Shoes, shoes, shoes!

It's time to sit down and pull your socks up. Get the Look has prepared a new Fashion Glossary for you, focusing on our favorite accessory...the shoe!

Ok, so you might have a whole closet full of shoes, but do you really know your loafer from your moccasin? A pump from a wedge? If these are foreign words to you... read on!

Let's start flat


Made from deerskin, or any soft leather, moccasins were originally worn by Native Americans. They have laces, a soft sole, and the upper part is often lined with embroidery. They most certainly are not the same thing as...


Loafers are flat shoes, but have a slight heel. The sole is not flexible (but they're nice really!) and neither do they have laces. Originally from Norway, the loafer is now a popular casual shoe worldwide. And it is definitely not a moccasin!


You probably have an idea about what the ballet flat is, but we'd understand if you thought it might be a high pointed heel (demi-pointes! On your toes!). It's actually far simpler, and more comfortable, than that. The contemporary ballet flat is simply an interpretation of the traditional shoes worn by ballerinas.

Take me higher


Want inches and balance? Wedges are the popular choice of heel for the beach and pool. You get all the advantages of a heel (posture, toned legs, height etc.) but with a flat base to the shoe - so less chance of embarrassing falls. Yes, it's also a type of French fry, and a golf club...but the shoe is obviously the most important definition.


Every woman needs at least one pair of pumps ! They are the equivalent of the LBD ; taking you from the office to the afterparty. Known as court shoes in British English, pumps have a low front, either a peep-toe or closed toe, and the heel usually doesn't go higher than 2.5 cm, whereas...


...(the name of a heel, not a shoe) are over one inch tall - sometimes up to 10! - in a long, thin, pointed shape. A nightmare for walking in, the stiletto has nevertheless become an iconic heel. When the stiletto is shorter than 5 cm, it is called a kitten heel.

Class is over for the day, you can take your shoes off and relax!

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