Atypical nail art on the Monte Milano runway as part of Seoul Fashion Week

Finger painting! Unique nail art inspiration from Seoul Fashion Week

Don't make all your nails uniform when you paint them! Try a creative nail-art design like this one from the Monte Milano show at Seoul Fashion Week, and give each nail some unexpected character...

Make your nails look unique

If you're wearing a super colorful outfit with bright textured embellisments and different layers like this model on the runway for Monte Milano, don't let your nails be a disappointment. Even painting them bright colors can be a bit of a let-down. Here's how to get creative and really make sure your nails play their part in your outfit:

Get the Look

Step one

Apply a transparent base coat to your nails to provide a flat, even surface to paint on, and also to protect them from staining. Then choose any color you want for the nail art - it's up to you!

Step two - the middle finger oval

To get this oval shape, use the shape of your brush to create an arch halfway up your nail, then fill in the color until you reach the curve of your cuticle.

Step three - ring finger gradient

Push the brush down gently just above the cuticle, so the curve follows the curve of your nail, then pull the brush slowly towards the tip of the finger, releasing pressure gradually so that, by the end of the nail, the brush is barely touching.

Step four - pinky finger tip

Repeat as above, except you should maintain the same pressure with the brush as you move it up the nail, right until just before the tip, when you quickly flick it away.

Step five - What about the other fingers?

This is where you can let your creativity go wild! How about only painting the upper half of the nail on the thumb? Or drawing a horizontal or vertical stripe on the index finger?

Step seven

As with all nail art, you should protect the results with a protective top coat. However, that being said, because this look is all about creative graphic shapes, it's not the end of the world if you get a couple of chips!

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