Reverse French manicure

Four ways to use white nail polish: easy nail art ideas!

White nail polish is one of those shock colors that make a bold statement when worn all by themselves but one that can also add an extra dimension when incorporated into a more complicated nail art design. White also happens to be one of the most popular summertime nail colors but we think it's definitely something that can give any autumn or winter manicure a whole new lease on life.

In case you were wondering how, we have a little gallery above to help you get inspired.

2 ways to go monochrome

A black and white manicure is almost always guaranteed to get your hands noticed due to the sharp contrast of any monochrome design.

A reverse French manicure : To really change up a classic style, use black nail polish as the main block color and then white for the lunules - the moon-shaped area near the cuticle.

A regular French manicure : For those of you who prefer things the right way up, use white polish for a French manicure, either for the tips like usual or the main block color.

Just make sure the other color you use is black for maximum impact.


If you're prepared to file your nails into a pretty fearsome, pointed shape, you can always use white nail polish to create a heart-shaped manicure. For this, you don't even need to paint your whole nail.

Simply apply one stroke diagonally from the outside of your nail inwards, about halfway up the nail from the cuticle, and do the same on the other side before filling in the rest of the nail right to the tip. A rounded brush will create two curved edges and the point of the nail will serve as the triangular part of the heart.

A minimalist approach

Finally, you could always just go for a block white manicure. Just because it isn't summer anymore, doesn't mean that straight-up white nails won't look as good. You can even add a wintery feel with a glitter top coat to keep things seasonal...

Do you have a favorite white polish look?

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