<span>Freida Pinto at Santa Barbara International Film Festival opening night in Santa Barbara on January 27, 2015. </span>

Freida Pinto: how to get Hollywood waves for short hair

by Hannah Ikin -

Looking for a classic yet elegant style for your bob haircut? Get inspired by these retro Hollywood waves, as seen on Freida Pinto at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Vintage chic

This glossy, glamorous look was a world away from the messy, tousled styles that the star has favored ever since she cut her hair shorter. The style worked together with her classic red lipstick to bring a touch of vintage chic to the L'Oréal Paris spokesperson's red carpet look.

Freida is living proof that Hollywood waves work just as well on short hair as they do on longer locks. This look is perfect for any occasion where you might want to look perfectly polished, be it a dinner date or an office party. To recreate it, simply follow the easy instructions below.

Step one

You won't be able to shine like Freida without a sleek finish, so be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Step two

Comb through the lengths of your hair to banish tangles, then mist some heat protect spray all over.

Step three

Blow-dry your hair, section by section, working a barrel brush around the ends to create easy waves.

Step four

Once the hair is dry, use a curling iron to reinforce the waves that you already created, stopping once you get about a third of the way up the lengths of your hair.

Step five

Create a side part, then smooth a couple of drops of hair oil or serum over the mid-lengths and ends to recreate Freida's high-shine finish.

Step six

Step back and admire your new retro look, then finish with a generous misting of hairspray to keep it in place.

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