<span>Ashley Benson donates the first kiss at 'Cosmo Kisses for the Troops' in New York City, NY, USA on November 11, 2013.</span>

Get Ashley Benson's graphic nail art

Spring Breaker Ashley Benson was recently spotted wearing this red and purple graphic nail art during Cosmopolitan Magazine's Kiss the Troops event. Whenever we're in need of a bit of nail art inspiration we always look to the red carpet, and once we spotted Ashley's look we knew we didn't need to look any further!

Red and purple are an unusual color match- any look at a color wheel will tell you these two are not complementary (or even tertiary). That said, putting the two colors together can be done! Rather than give both colors equal importance, make one the main color and use the other as an accent color.

Go graphic

To get this look start with clean, unpolished nails. Constantly changing our nail polish can really put our nails through the ringer, so now would be a great time to give your fingers a little pamper session. Massage oil into your cuticles to nourish and soften them and apply a good hand lotion. Once everything has been absorbed by the skin, you can apply a base coat . Base coats are a great way to lengthen the lifespan on any polish and help prevent chipping.

Next, apply red polish on each nail and wait for it to dry completely. Once dry, get out the tape. If you can, opt for a tape specifically made for manicures as this will be more gentle and less likely to rip your base color off with it. Apply the tape to each nail leaving accent parts of varying sizes on each nail. Then, paint only those areas with purple polish. Ashley's purple appears to have a frost finish. Let the purple dry just slightly and then finish off with your favorite top coat .

It's as simple as that! Follow these simple directions for nail art sure to impress!

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