Nina Dobrev at the <span>Vampire Diaries 100th Episode Celebration </span>

Get big bouncy curls like Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev has beautiful hair. We knew that already. But the other day when we saw her at the Vampire Diaries 100th Episode Celebration, her hair seemed even more full of life than usual. So we thought we'd do a tutorial for those of you who want to recreate her big, bouncy curl look...

Curl Power!

To start with, in order to recreate Nina's look exactly, you need to have really long hair (or extensions!) but you can look equally as fabulous with short or mid-length curls, and very on-trend for A/W 2013. So don't let length put you off.

Step 1.

Start with clean hair, after using a moisture-replenishing shampoo but not too much conditioner or your hair will be too silky to hold in the curls. Whenever you style your hair, it loses strength, so fight against split ends and brittle follicles with a regular nourishing treatment. For the same reason, apply a heat-protecting serum or spray before you go anyway near the blowdryer.

Step 2.

A curling iron is your new best friend. For bigger curls, use a bigger barrel. Starting with front sections, roll sections of your hair around the iron, but dont leave it for too long or you'll end up with more of a perm than loose curls! For the back sections, it's best if you can persuade a friend to help, but if not, use a hand-held mirror to look at the back of your head in the bathroom mirror. Pay attention to where you want your part to go.

Step 3.

Pin the curls to your head using bobby pins, and follow with a curl defining spray. Leave the hair for a few minutes for the temperature to go down and the shape to settle. This is the perfect opportunity to do your nails - Nina looks like she's gone for a subtle natural manicure with a glossy topcoat .

Step 4.

Take out the pins, let your hair fall down onto your shoulders, then loosen the curls by running your hands through each curled section. Flip your hair a few times to see where the hair settles naturally.

Step 5.

Even if you are worried that the curls are still too "curly", don't worry. Over the course of you choosing your outfit and putting on your shoes, they will drop down slightly. Once they've done this, hold your look in place with a fixing spritz, which will add shine to those beautiful bouncing curls!

Et voilà, perfect swishable curls for a knockout Fall look!

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