Actress Gabrielle Union attends the <span>2013 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's opening night benefit gala </span>

Get Gabrielle Union's romantic makeup look

A sign that your makeup is really doing its job is when it seems like you're not wearing much, but you still look absolutely stunning. Take Gabrielle Union's makeup she wore to the opening gala of the American Dance Theater, for example. Sure, we can see that she's probably wearing some false eyelashes, but the rest of her makeup is subtley and beautifully done. Here's our beauty tutorial to recreate this soft, romantic look:

Natural base

Start with a primer, which provides an even base to your skin. Then carefully apply your foundation , making sure to blend well, especially around the hairline and jawline. It looks like Gabrielle has used a creamy orange-based blush on the apples of her cheeks (although where you place your blusher depends on your face shape, so be careful here.) Finish your base with a light dusting of bronzer across your forehead and temples.

A winning smile

Gabrielle has gone for a dreamy nude shade of lipstick and a slick of shimmer gloss to really show off those pearly white teeth. It also brings out the shine in her sparkling necklace (are those stones real, we wonder!)

Flutter your eyelashes

While Gabrielle's lashes might include a bit of cheating (false?) her stunning eye makeup shows real finesse. She's used a palette of creams and browns around and under the waterline to really bring out her pretty dark brown eyes. The darker shades are blended towards the outer part of the eyelid, and Gabrielle has finished her look with some brown eyeliner on her lower lash line.

Gabrielle: you're either a makeup pro, or we want your stylist's number!

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