Get luminous skin like Cate Blanchett with this tutorial!

Get luminous skin like Cate Blanchett with light-reflecting makeup!

If there's one beauty look we're endlessly chasing, it's Cate Blanchett' s infamous lit-from-within glow. Light-reflecting makeup is the cosmetic world's fountain of youth and we're here to tell you how to use it!

We've talked before about the Australian's natural glow and offered some tips on how to get it. While thorough cleansing, proper hydration, and regular exfoliation are key to good skin, there are also a few things you can do with your makeup to get the look. The trick of light-reflecting cosmetics is to, you guessed it, reflect light away from imperfections. They can be used to conceal dark spots, under eye circles, wrinkles, blemishes, and age spots. It's essentially like putting a soft focus on your face, making your appearance incredibly soft and naturally luminous. Here's just one way to do it:

Get the glow

Step one: One of the best alternatives for getting a truly natural looking glow is to start with a flawless, perfected base. Erase blemishes and imperfections with a light-reflecting primer. Apply this over your daily moisturizer and watch your skin transform from dull and tired to absolutely radiant.

Step two: Next, use an illuminating concealer pen to camouflage dark eye cirles. This will instantly "wake" your eyes up.

Step three: You should be looking quite luminous now! Use a regular, light coverage foundation all over. The foundation should be sheer enough to let your primer shine through, this is what will give you that truly natural glow.

That's all! Proceed as usual with the rest of your makeup. If you want to draw attention to the high points of your face and add even more radiance, feel free to use highlighter . Don't be surprised, however, if people start mistaking you for someone younger!

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