Good Skin From Within: Foods To Avoid For Your Best Complexion Ever

Good Skin From Within: Foods To Avoid For Your Best Complexion Ever

by Sophie Lalani -

We've all heard about the endless benefits drinking green juice, eating kale salads, and gulping down water can have on your skin. While such things are healthy and good to include in your meals, a balanced diet should include an assortment of tasty and nutritious options. Still, many people neglect to pay enough attention to the food they eat, not realizing how significantly it impacts the texture and appearance of your skin. They adapt a good skincare routine, keep their makeup clean and sanitary, but fail to realize that their breakouts or skin problems might stem from within. Here are some food groups that might be negatively affecting your skin to help you troubleshoot and help you get a glowing, radiant complexion!


If you eat healthy during the week to spend your weekend guzzling down the liquor, beware! Binge drinking is extremely dehydrating and harmful to the skin, and along with dairy, can lead to facial bloating and puffiness. Try to limit your alcohol intake (picking low sugar options is best) and be sure to drink lots of water to minimize the harm of the alcohol.


Eating too much dairy can cause your skin to breakout, so if you're struggling with acne, try cutting out things like milk, cheese, and yogurt and see if your skin improves. Dairy products tend to contain a lot of hormones that can be detrimental to your skin, so think twice before you order that four cheese pizza!


While your morning coffee probably isn't too harmful, if you're a caffeine addict, you may want to consider cutting down. Several cups of coffee, followed by a soda with lunch, and tea after dinner will definitely take a toll on your skin. Start in increments and replace a few of your caffeinated beverages with lemon water instead of sugary sodas that will just make you crash.

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