Kat Graham's glitter lips at the 2017 Grammy Awards, on February 12th, 2017.

Grammys 2017: 4 Must-Try Red Carpet Beauty Trends

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

Days after the 59th Grammy Awards, we are still obsessed with all the glam. On February 12th, celebrities gathered at the Stapes Center in Los Angeles, wearing sequined dresses and daring makeup. If you missed the gala or if you simply want to see the best of the red carpet one more time, you are going to love what we have for you. Get The Look put together four of the best beauty trends of the night, all to try before Spring.

Are you ready to steal some of your favourite stars' 2017 Grammys makeup tricks?

2017 Grammys: 4 Beauty Trends to Try ASAP

Kat Graham's glitter lips

If there is one beauty trend that stood out on the runway during Fashion Week, it is certainly glitter lips. Kat Graham took the trend to the red carpet for the Grammys by adding a sparkly touch to her iconic red pout.

To get this look, start by shaping and contouring your lips with a lip liner. Then, apply your red lipstick with a brush to get better definition. Mix a small amount of transparent gloss with glittery eyeshadow or some decorative glitter. Apply it to your lips with your finger, focusing on the center of your mouth to give it a fuller look.

Daya's bold eyebrows

Bold eyebrows were very popular among the stars at the 59th Grammy Awards. Daya was probably one of the celebrities who rocked the trend best. Her thick and perfectly defined brows framed her face, driving attention to her daring eye makeup.

To shape your brows like Daya, use a brow pomade. Dip the beveled brush in the product and start framing the contour of your eyebrows. Then, make small strokes on your hairs to fill the gaps and get a fuller look. Brush your eyebrows for a natural finish, and fix with a gel brow mascara.

Adele's peach cheeks and lips

Are you looking for the ONE shade to add to your makeup bag this Spring? Look no further than Adele's peach makeup at the 2017 Grammys. Her cheeks matched her lips for a perfect monochrome look. We love this duo because it gives an instant fresh glow to the face.

To get the singer's natural and luminous complexion, choose a peach blush in a liquid or cream texture. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks with your finger and blend it in with a beveled blush brush. Use a peach gloss to give your lips a juicy look.

Solange's negative space liner

If Laverne Cox was spotted on the red carpet with dramatic, graphic eyeliner, Solange Knowles went for a more subtle version of the trend. Made up of a fine line along her upper lashes and another on the crease of her eye, her negative space liner was sophisticated and perfect for a night out.

To recreate her look, use a black eyeliner to line your upper lashes. Then, draw a second line on the crease of your eye, starting in the middle and moving outward. Finish with a generous coat of voluminous mascara, and you'll be ready for the night!

Which of these four red carpet beauty trends will you try first?

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