Dapper and a cheeky smile, Harry Styles wins a British Fashion Award

Great British style with Harry Styles!

Harry Styles from the band One Direction won the British Style Awards last night, to no-one's surprise, even though it meant beating Kate Middleton, Cara Delevingne and David Beckham. Three-time winner Alexa Chung handed Harry his award, who replied simply that it was "[...] very, very kind."

Known for his trademark metrosexual look Harry's laid back style is also synonymous with a typically British way of dressing. Let's have a look at some of our favorite Styles styles...

Harry's British Styles

They've been in for a while, but Harry has made sure that skinny jeans have not gone out of fashion. A modern-day dandy, he wears a tight pair of pants with everything, like at the British Fashion Awards for example, where he paired some with a loose scarf and a black jacket.

Harry's also changed people's opinions about trends we thought were waaay out. Take the open neck + multiple long necklaces that he was snapped in earlier this year. Definitely not a style we thought we'd see from Harry, but somehow he made it work. As such, we now look more favorably at open shirts and medallions. Likewise, when he wore a black shirt with hearts on, we suddenly wished our boyfriends had one just like it.

With his biceps covered in tattoos, Harry likes to remind us that he's not the grinning, wide-eyed teen who was discovered on a talent show in Britain. Like a - sexy - garage mechanic, he was photographed with his shirt sleeves rolled up, and a hairband keeping his famous hair in control. Another style win.

Harry's, cheeky attitude and fun style represents the typical British bad boy, who doesn't care what others think, but who enjoys playing with fashion trends, and going against convention. We're excited to see how Harry's Style will evolve!

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