Green cat eye makeup: Paloma Kwiatkowski at "Bates Motel" Premiere

Green cat eye makeup: Paloma Kwiatkowski at "Bates Motel" Premiere

Friday February 28, 2014 - 16h20

Canadian actress Paloma Kwiatkowski plays Cody Brennan in Bates Motel, the American drama thriller television series which calls itself the "contemporary prequel" to Hitchcock's movie Psycho. Season 2 has just launched, and Paloma was, naturally, at the launch party to celebrate. To be honest, we hadn't heard of her before Bates Motel, but it looks like her career is going from strength to strength - and her makeup looks are too! We absolutely loved her striking turquoise green cat eye.


I've got green eyes, can I wear green eye makeup ?

Well, looking at Paloma, the conclusion seems to be a resounding yes! Want to know how to copy her look?

Step one: apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids to make sure your makeup lasts all night long.

Step two: Use a black liquid liner to draw a thick line over the contour of your eyelid, as if you were doing a regular cat eye, but without the flick.

Step three: Take a shimmery green/turquoise eyeshadow. Using a thin makeup brush, apply the green just above the black liner.

Step four: When you reach the edge of the eye, create a flick of color by blending the green upwards and outwards. If the color is not very bright, reapply more eyeshadow, and gradually build up the intensity.

Step five: Use a volumizing mascara to make your lashes really stand out. A light coat on the outer lower lashes will complete the look!

What lipstick to wear with green eyeshadow?

Go for a subtle rose or nude shade. This goes for all bold eye makeup looks - if you want people to look at your eyes, don't complicate the look by choosing a bold lip color too.

To find out what color eyeshadows will suit your eyes, read here.

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Paloma Kwiatkowski at the <span>Premiere Party For A&amp;E's Season 2 Of "Bates Motel"</span>

Paloma Kwiatkowski at the Premiere Party For A&E's Season 2 Of "Bates Motel"

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