Try green eyeshadow for a really festive look this Christmas

Green eye makeup - Christmas beauty ideas

by Kathy Saunders -

Now that the festive season is in full swing, creating Christmas editions of everything has become a kind of beauty obsession in the office, especially when it comes to smoky eye makeup ! Green eyeshadow is right ontrend at the moment and can be used to add extra color and light to your face, as well as a little Christmas cheer!

Whether you need some beauty inspiration for a night out or just a bright new look for a family occasion, go green this party season!

You can keep things simple with a little sweep of green shadow over your eyelid or you could really go all out with a few different tones. It's totally up to your and, of course, your busy party schedule.

Blend, blend, blend...

For added depth and definition, use a green kohl eye crayon to trace your upper lashline before you begin. Then, use a dark green shade before blending a lighter color just above.

The important thing to remember is to keep things confined and therefore refined. That means not going totally overboard and simply coloring your general eye area. You want to keep the shadow well below your eyebrow if you're planning a smoky eye look, in order to avoid an accidental 80s disco effect. It's Christmas, not Halloween .

For the minimalists

Even those of you who don't like to make a fuss with your eye makeup, green makeup can be really pretty in small doses. For a simple, clean look, why not try subtle green cat eyes?

Whatever your beauty style, green eye makeup might just be the festive beauty solution you've been looking for!

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