Greer Grammar at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes

Greer Grammar: copy her glamorous glitter manicure!

How about combining two of the biggest nail art trends of the moment to create a seriously stylish manicure? That's what Greer Grammar, Miss Golden Globe 2015, did to complete her look at the 72nd edition of the annual event! We at Get the Look fell totally in love with Miss. Grammar's cute pink nails with gold sequins. So much so, in fact, that we immediately wanted to recreate it for ourselves! So, want to add some whimsy to your fingertips? Here's how...

Glamorous and glittery

To try this girly glitter manicure, you'll need:

- A manicure block

- A base coat

- A pink nail polish

- A glittery gold polish

- A high-gloss top coat

Step one

After cleaning your nails, trim and file them into the desired shape. Clean them with a cotton ball soaked in water and let them dry.

Step two

Paint your nails (except for the ring fingers) with a pale pink polish, trying to apply it as evenly as possible. Once it's dried, apply a second coat for a 100% opaque finish.

Step three

Once the pink polish is totally dry, apply a coat of your glittery gold polish on each ring finger. Continue layering until you have an opaque finish and allow it to dry as well.

Step four

Next, apply a small amount of gold polish at the base of your nails (the pink ones). Use a small eyeshadow applicator to spread it out.

Step five

Complete your manicure with a glossy top coat to make it last and boost shine!


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