Costume designer Trish Summerville, and actresses Kate Mara, Sophia Bush and Amber Valletta take a selfie at H&M Conscious Exclusive Dinner.

H&M Conscious Exclusive Dinner: Celebrity style with ethics

Fashion these days has a conscience, and is about more than just profit and publicity. Clothes manufacturer H&M is showing its ethics by starting what they've called "H&M Conscious". Their vision is that all operations should be run, as their website explains, "in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable." This involves being ethical: recycling, reusing and reducing waste; using natural resources carefully; giving back to communities; and offering their customers a "conscious" alternative.

At the exclusive "H&M Conscious" dinner, the stars turned up to show their support for the cause. As could be expected, there were some beautiful looks on the red carpet, so we've chosen our favorites for a style close-up!

Amber Valetta

Amber is the new face of H&M for their Conscious collection. You might recongize her from tv drama Revenge (alongside co-star Emily VanCamp ). For the dinner, Amber wore a high-waisted black pant and nude crop top . Her newly-cropped hair was styled sleek, giving her chic bangs and a flick at the back. Those bright blue nails in the photo are Amber's, and you can bet we'll be copying that shade soon!

Sophia Bush

Sophia also features in the new H&M collection. On the red carpet she looked great, with mid-length tousled ombré hair and a pretty white lace dress. A big supporter of ethics and human rights, Sophie is very active on social media, never afraid to stand up for her beliefs. This must have been a campaign that was close to her heart.

Kate Mara

Kate's unsual combination of different elements in her outfit actually works really well! Just look: there are three different prints, bright colors, soft colors, neutral colors, not even to mention those shoulder...pads? And yet, as she does every time, Kate looks on-trend and classy. Pink and gold earcuff and all.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy was definitely wearing our favorite look of the night. This gorgeous black gown was simple, but had an interesting texture. As for how high her little feet are arched, those shoes must have a huge heel! Gorgeous silky waves and a natural makeup look completed her sophisticated style.

We have no excuse not to go on a shopping spree now...

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